January 28, 2024

1 minutes read

Product Update October '23

Connector speed improvements, API updates, and more

Fiber Team


Here's what we've been up to this month.

App & API

  • Canonical API is now at https://api.fiber.dev.
  • It's now possible to toggle accounts on-off via the Fiber dashboard.
  • We have finally deprecated the source endpoint https://api.portalform.com/:name in favor of https://api.portalform.com/sources/:name.
  • New attribute already_existed added to the account creation endpoint.


Amazon SP source

  • Improved read speed of two collections, ItemOffer and ProductPrice, which had declined in performance following changes to the SP API. We identified a speed up and deployed a patch.

Stripe source

  • Fixed a validation error caused by Stripe's Charge.refunds attribute returning an empty array instead of an object.

Shopify source

  • Added support for pulling BalanceTransaction and Collect objects.

Postgres destination

  • Fixed a performance bug that slowed down Postgres writes by several seconds for most clients.